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Black organza shirt

Black organza shirt

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Oversized transparent shirt with silk satin pockets, collar, and button placket.

100% Silk organza Dry clean only


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Discover the new Organza collection by Myrha Paris, an ode to elegance and femininity, enhanced by exceptional craftsmanship. Through this collection, the brand highlights the essence of the modern woman—independent and sensual, embodying strength and self-confidence with a touch of refined seduction.

The organza shirt by Myrha Paris is not just a garment but a true style statement. It reflects the core values of the brand: strength, independence, and sensuality. Designed for women who are unapologetically powerful and confident, this shirt embodies ultimate refinement.


The flagship product of this collection is the sumptuous Haute Couture Organza Shirt, specifically the "Organza Oversized Transparent Shirt." Crafted from 100% silk organza, this iconic piece stands out with its luxurious silk satin details, including the pockets, collar, and button placket. Its airy transparency and oversized cut provide a bold yet sophisticated look, perfect for those who love to play with contrasts and textures.



To preserve the delicacy of this noble fabric, a delicate wash is recommended. By choosing this shirt, you are acquiring more than just a piece of clothing; you are embracing a timeless and unique item, a true wearable work of art. With Myhra Paris, let yourself be seduced by elegance and handmade excellence, and assert your style with grace and confidence.

Dry clean only

Ethical & responsible

Myrha Paris's commitment to sustainability is at the heart of its craftsmanship. By favoring 100% natural silk organza and adopting environmentally friendly production practices, the brand strives to reduce its ecological footprint. Every step of production, from silk cultivation to garment manufacturing, is designed to minimize waste and optimize the use of natural resources.