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Robe nuisette en soie noire

Robe nuisette en soie noire

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Robe dos nu, col bénitier plongeant et fente sur le côté.

100% Satin de soie Nettoyage à sec uniquement


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Iconic Dress


Myrha Paris's expertise is reflected in every detail of this slip dress. The brand perfectly masters the use of silk, a noble and delicate material, to create garments with a unique and timeless design. The deep cowl neck and high slit on the side add a touch of sensuality, while the dress's fluid and elegant cut ensures a refined look. Each piece is designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience while staying true to the brand's bold aesthetic.


The composition of the dress, 100% silk satin, is a deliberate choice to enhance the fluidity and drape of the piece. Silk satin is renowned for its soft texture and subtle sheen, which add a touch of luxury to this slip dress. The quality of the silk used by Myrha Paris ensures not only impeccable aesthetics but also a pleasant sensation against the skin, making this dress an essential piece in any elegant wardrobe.


To preserve the beauty and quality of your Myrha Paris slip dress, it is essential to follow the appropriate care instructions. This dress should be dry cleaned only. Dry cleaning helps maintain the integrity of the silk fabric and preserves the satin's sheen and softness. By entrusting your dress to professional dry cleaners, you ensure it retains its original shape and look, allowing you to enjoy this exceptional piece for a long time.

Ethical & responsible

Myrha Paris's expertise in silk fabrication is exemplary, combining tradition and innovation. The brand is committed to ethical and responsible development, ensuring that every step of production meets high standards of sustainability and environmental respect. This attention to detail and ethical rigor is evident in every fiber of silk, guaranteeing not only visual beauty but also a positive contribution to sustainable fashion.