Composition Denim Myrha Paris

A Meticulous Manufacturing Process

Every piece of denim bearing the Myhra Paris label results from a meticulous manufacturing process. The fabric is dyed using traditional methods, often with natural indigo, a dye that gives denim its iconic color and its ability to age beautifully over time. The weaving is done on old looms, producing a superior quality, dense, and durable fabric.

Myhra Paris artisans master the techniques of cutting and tailoring, ensuring that each garment fits perfectly to the wearer’s body. The finishes are meticulously crafted, from reinforced stitching to copper rivets, guaranteeing not only impeccable aesthetics but also increased longevity.

Innovation and Modernity

Though deeply rooted in tradition, Myhra Paris continuously innovates. The company invests constantly in research and development to improve its manufacturing processes and incorporate modern technologies without compromising the artisanal quality of its products. For instance, the use of eco-friendly washing techniques and laser treatments to create aging or fading effects on the denim demonstrates this balance between tradition and modernity.